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What are the components of co-extrusion WPC decking?


  In the daily food, clothing, housing, and transportation, the first thing people pay attention to is physical health. Physical health is an expectation for oneself and a blessing for others. Everyone hopes that they, their family members, friends, and anyone around them People can be healthy, healthy, and safe, so they choose safe, healthy, and environmentally friendly products when decorating their houses. So whether it is the wooden floor in your own home or the park you usually go to, is co-extrusion WPC decking harmful to everyone's health? Network testing data shows that the raw materials of this type of WPC decking are produced and processed from synthetic fibers of plastic and wood, which are in line with the test. Standard, there is no harm to the body, and the material selection is more in line with ecological and environmental protection, and it also saves a lot of flower and plant resources. It is the best-selling wood floor type so far.

What are the components of co-extrusion WPC decking?

  In our daily life, we often see news reports about pollution cases related to interior decoration. There are also carcinogens in the plastic sports grounds on sports grounds. Many students have allergies and are sent to the hospital. The threat is very scary, and it also raises the alarm for everyone. Be very careful when choosing products. Various basic parameters of moisture content must be established, and products that meet the test standards as far as possible can be used comfortably and co-extruded. Because WPC decking is a peculiar product, it is very careful in production. Human health is very important. In addition to choosing good products, we should also pay more attention to material selection. Although there are plastic components in co-extruded WPC decking, quality supervision is controlled at every step in the production process. Under the condition of testing and supply, it has to undergo multiple tests and meet all test standards, so it does not harm the health of the body, and everyone can buy it with confidence.

  Macrotech was established in 2016, focusing on the production and construction of WPC products. It is a professional WPC company integrating R&D, production, and sales. Its products cover four series of products: plastic-wood co-extrusion floor, plastic-wood profile, plastic-wood landscape, and plastic-wood DIY, and has 27 independent production lines with an annual production capacity of 20,000 tons. At the same time, Hongzhimu has a comprehensive strength of production and project undertaking and can undertake various large-scale projects of comprehensive development and comprehensive deployment and installation. With excellent products and services, it has truly won the market, and now serves customers in more than 50 countries and regions around the world.

  macrotech adheres to the product concept of "focusing on quality, consistent", only produces high-quality plastic wood products, and truly realizes large-scale, high-quality, and stable continuous supply - let macrotech quality, from the first board to the last board Consistently.

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