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MacroTech WPC has the advantages of both wood and high density plastic (HDPE), and there are no adhesives or chemicals that are harmful to the environment. Besides, our products have natural appearance and feel, various color options, high durability even in  hard weather conditions. Therefore, our WPC products can meet a higher level of your needs.

Our advantages

1. We are manufacturer, we can provide you competitive price and can customize based on your requirements.

2. Our company owns 27 separate production lines with yearly output of 20,000 tons products, which guaranteeing timely and stable supply.

3. We can provide superior products, and our products have passed the tests of CE, SGS, Intertek and ISO19001、ISO45001、ISO14001,so we can guarantee the quality of our products.

4. We can customize technical formula according to the climatic conditions of your target market.

5. We have convenient transportation. Our factory located in Baigou Region Baoding City, near Beijing Airport and Tianjin Port. You can visit our company at anytime you want.

6. The foreign trade team has rich experience in international business and knows well about the manufacturing process of foreign orders. We have been exporting our product to several countries such as: USA, Mexico,Chile, Denmark, Portugal, etc.

7. We can provide free samples if you need.

    Hebei MacroTech Wood Plastic Composite Co., Ltd.
  • Hotline:+86-13400228861   15100201130
  • Wechat:+86-13400228861   15100201130
  • WhatsApp:+86-13400228861     13633267161
  • E-mail: kobe@macrotechwpc.com
  • Baoding City, Hebei Province, China
Contact Us
  • WhatsApp:+86-13400228861     13633267161
  • Contact number:+86-13400228861    15100201130
  • WeChat:+86-13400228861   15100201130
  • E-mail: kobe@macrotechwpc.com
  • Add: Baoding City, Hebei Province, China

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