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Environmental performance advantages of wood plastic composite decking


  Now the application of wood plastics is getting wider and wider, and the advantages of wood-plastic materials are becoming more and more obvious. It overcomes the disadvantages and limitations of traditional wood, and now WPC has a higher advantageous value. Simple resin materials are easily deformed, are not resistant to high temperatures, and are easily corroded by low temperatures. They do not have the conditions for long-term use, and the maintenance costs in the later period are relatively high. The current composite wood-plastic material is not easy to deform, has high temperature and corrosion resistance, and does not require maintenance in the later period, which can fully meet the long-term use. These are the advantages of wood plastic materials.

Environmental performance advantages of wood plastic composite decking

  Nowadays, many municipal gardens are using wood-plastic composite decking. This wood plastic material can be recycled and reused, and it also has very good environmental protection advantages. Even after many years, we don't like this kind of floor, we can still shred it, and then use it as waste plastic for secondary recycling, even if it is burned, it will not produce any poisonous gas. In this way, in fact, the original situation of the trees being cut down in large quantities has been solved, because the waste plastics in the second cycle can also be used. This is already something worth celebrating for the country's environmental protection cause.

  At present, the country is also vigorously promoting new environmentally friendly materials, so that more users start to like this material and start to try to use wood plastic composite decking for decoration. We also look forward to the emergence of more new materials in the country, we can also learn more advanced material technologies from abroad, and open up some different series of plastic wood products. In the future, more garden designs will use this kind of wood plastic. Material.

  As one of the largest plastic-wood product R&D manufacturers in North China, Macrotech has always adhered to the product concept of "focusing on quality and consistent", ensuring product quality with a high degree of stability, and achieving - "from the first board to The last board is always the same".

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