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What are the requirements of wood plastic composite decking for storage?


  Every October is the hot season for the outdoor floor sales market. Everyone's demand for wood plastic composite decking will increase significantly. Therefore, wood plastic floor manufacturers must do a good job in product work and ensure that they have sufficient first-hand Sources of goods, let's take a look at some of the requirements for storage in the sales market.

  Compared with the summer, this period is dominated by large, medium, and small customers, and there are also some market sales customers. Due to the fact that various party programs will be held at the end of the year and the company will hold many annual meetings, the demand from customers is high. The requirements of these customers for the outdoor floor are wood plastic composite decking with high brightness and elastic cotton, which will be fully adjusted to complement the lighting design to provide well-known actors with a suitable ground geographical environment, which will further enhance the performance quality and generate the audience's good viewing. Dismissed.

What are the requirements of wood plastic composite decking for storage?

  But I don't know that summer is also a busy period for all kinds of freight transportation. The logistics and freight situation is beyond the control of the manufacturer. The manufacturer must ensure the color, thickness, and stocking status of wood plastic composite decking, try to solve the difficulty of slow supply as much as possible and alleviate the unsatisfactory customer caused by untimely delivery. situation. In addition, considering the physical properties of the outdoor floor, the manufacturer should inform the customer about the unevenness of the wood plastic composite decking after the supply, and tell them that this situation is not a problem of quality.

  In addition, it can cooperate with various activities of the e-commerce service platform, and outdoor floor manufacturers can also announce event marketing. Because more and more customers are shopping online. If you buy it in winter, you can enjoy full discounts, including various activities such as goods freight logistics, which can relatively clear the accumulated supply and can also improve the friendliness of consumers and increase sales. However, whether it is a publicity plan or a marketing promotion, the quality of the product must never relax its vigilance by the end of the year. We must ensure that the quality of the outdoor floor is conducive to the accumulation of customer information.

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