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What is the difference between wood plastic composite decking and composite decking?


  With the emergence of new home decoration materials, they gradually began to replace traditional home decoration materials. To some extent, it will bring us some information about wood plastic composite decking and composite decking. What is the difference between the two? The editor of Hongzhimu will give you a detailed introduction below.

What is the difference between wood plastic composite decking and composite decking?

  First, make a small series about new materials for plastic wood floors. In fact, the main raw materials for making plastic wood floors are made of wood powder and HDPE plastics of more than 40 mesh. These raw materials are polished through a series of processes such as granulation, extrusion, and polishing to make wood plastic composite decking commonly used outdoors. In addition, since the plastic wood floor used in the raw material is actually made of wood flour and thermoplastic, it shows to a certain extent that the moisture resistance of plastic wood floors is actually better than that of traditional composite decking. Therefore, this indirectly explains the main reason why WPC can be widely used outdoors. In addition, we also need to remind everyone that one of the properties of wood plastic composite decking is plastic.

  Secondly, WPC is actually a relatively new environmentally friendly composite decking product. And in the entire production process of wood plastic, in fact, in the process of high-density fiberboard, lignans will be produced. In addition, recycled plastic will be added to the production process. On this basis, these raw materials are made into composite decking materials through granulation equipment and then extruded into production groups to make wood plastic composite decking.

  Composite decking is mainly used indoors, because compared with wood plastic, even if there are various patterns, composite decking has a relatively low price, but its moisture resistance is poor and cannot be used outdoors like wood plastic composite decking.

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