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How to solve the cracking and deformation of wood plastic composite decking in courtyard pavement?


  Recently, many friends have been asking whether to use wood or stone for outdoor courtyards. Now many people choose wood plastic composite decking for aesthetics, so how should we prevent wood plastic from cracking and deforming during its use?

  1. Select qualified wood plastic composite decking and keel. Now the wood plastic composite decking materials on the market are uneven, pay attention to choosing materials with uniform material density and fine wood powder, the integration of wood powder and plastic is good, and the floor The amount of deformation will be smaller and more durable.

How to solve the cracking and deformation of wood plastic composite decking in courtyard pavement?

  2. During the paving process of the wood-plastic keel, the spacing of the fixed expansion screws should be controlled at about 400-500, which should not be too large, and the screws should be firmly fixed during the installation process. If it is not strong, it is recommended to replace it; the length of a single keel should not exceed 3 Meters appropriate; double keels are used at the floor joints to ensure the fixed strength of the floor. In addition, if the construction workers are not very familiar with the characteristics of wood plastic composite decking, it is recommended to use steel keels, which have higher flatness and stronger welding.

  3. When paving wood plastic composite decking, the length of a single floor should not exceed 2.5 meters; a gap of 4-5mm should be reserved at the joint between the floor and the floor to ensure that the wood plastic has enough space for expansion and contraction in the later stage.

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