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How to store WPC flooring?


  WPC flooring is a new type of energy-saving wood-plastic composite product. Lignans are often produced throughout the manufacturing and high-density fiberboard process. After adding recycled granules, wood-plastic composite materials are made with processing machinery and equipment and then extruded to make WPC flooring, which has many advantages and is one of today's interior decoration materials.

  1. Although the first generation of WPC flooring has the actual effect of being moisture-proof and waterproof, it is still necessary to ensure that the storage location is dry and naturally ventilated. After the wooden floor is put into the warehouse, we pay attention to natural ventilation to ensure cleanliness and comfort in the room, which is for the wooden floor itself. The storage time can be increased and also helps a lot;

How to store WPC flooring?

  2. Pay attention to the placement of wooden floors. It is important to ensure that the wooden floor does not deform. Only in this way, the first generation of WPC flooring can be stored for a longer time;

  3. Plastic film can be applied to the outside for encapsulation, which is important to avoid dust accumulation. In order to ensure air permeability, a plurality of holes is punched out on the plastic film to ensure the fluency of the gas and further improve the actual storage effect of the wooden floor. During storage, there should be areas with water or switching power, and make sure there are no storage concerns.

  The storage of the first generation of WPC flooring should be paid attention to, otherwise its advantages: WPC flooring material is hard, the wood fiber structure is fine, the heat transfer coefficient is low, and the actual effect of isolating noise and heat flow is better than concrete, floor tiles, and steel; the wood of WPC flooring is characterized by dry weather Manic, the moisture inside the wood is expressed; when the weather is wet and cold, the wood digests and absorbs the moisture in the gas. The wood floor adjusts the relative humidity of the bedroom to a more comfortable level according to the moisture released by digestion and absorption; it is warm for many days and cools in summer; from the native forest, sprayed with non-volatile wear-resistant paint, from material varieties to car paint, green and harmless. Unlike floor tiles with radiation sources, indoor formaldehyde laminate flooring is green and harmless road decoration building material, and the advantages of beauty, elegance, durability, and so on will not be able to play.

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