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Why use wood plastic composite decking for outdoor decoration?


  In the past, when people were decorating outdoors, they generally used widely preservative wood, but now they often use wood plastic composite decking. Can the preservative effect of this new material be better than that of preservative wood? Where is the basic principle?

  1. wood plastic composite decking higher density

  Compared with traditional preservative wood, it is denser. The density of the former is about 1.2, and the density of the latter is about 0.4. In addition, the fiber structure of preservative wood is relatively simple, that is to say, if it is exposed to rain for a long time, it is easy to absorb water, and once there is too much water, it is easy to cause mold growth. These are the reasons why it is easy to crack. After using preservative wood for a period of time, many people will find that the floor begins to appear moldy and black. These are normal. wood plastic composite decking.

  The characteristic is that the structure is more compact, it is not easy to crack, and the density is higher, which can even reach about three times that of preservative wood. In the later stage, even if it enters the water, there is no possibility of bacteria breeding. These advantages are the reasons why it is widely used.

Why use wood plastic composite decking for outdoor decoration?

  2. Wood plastic composite decking

  More insect-proof and prevent the growth of bacteria

  Although the name is preservative wood, in fact, once preservative wood enters the water, it is easy to breed various bacteria. In fact, this loose material is more likely to absorb water, and preservative wood does not meet the requirements for true preservation. Different wood-plastic materials, its structure is relatively compact, it is not easy to be bitten by various insects, and it is not easy to breed bacteria, so its principle of action is actually more effective than preservative wood.

  In short, in the process of later use, we have seen wood plastic composite decking

  Many advantages in later application, this is not a simple anti-corrosion wood floor, its performance is more powerful.

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