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The cleaning of WPC flooring should be combined with the actual situation


  Regarding the cleaning of environmentally friendly WPC flooring, many users worry that if they are used for a long time, the color will fade in the later stage, or there will be serious pollution problems in the later stage, etc. In fact, these can be solved. Now let's take a look at the cleaning skills of plastic wood materials. Any cleaning should be based on the actual situation. The actual situation is different, and the cleaning focus is also different.

  Clean the WPC flooring to determine the source of pollution. For example, if it is mold pollution or fallen leaves pollution, the pollution has a certain corrosive effect, etc., it is necessary to pay attention to the purchase of relevant decontamination agents. It is recommended that you can buy sodium hypochlorite, which works well. And if the iron filings are difficult to clean, it is recommended to buy an acid-containing detergent.


        In fact, for the cleaning of wooden floors, there is no need for too professional cleaning agents, which can be bought in general hardware stores. There is another oil pollution. In fact, this kind of pollution is more, because sometimes too much exposure will cause heavy oil. In this case, a degreaser should be used. Of course, the specific cleaning also depends on the manual. But it is worth noting that all cleanings do not contain too much water, because water is another serious pollution for WPC flooring.

  If the WPC flooring is contaminated with grease, it can be scrubbed with sandpaper. Especially newly installed floors can be gently scrubbed with this fine sandpaper. In this way, the colors will be more vivid, and the post-production aesthetics will be greatly improved. Again, pay attention to drainage issues. If there are some outdoor utility rooms or places where tools are stacked, special attention should be paid to the drainage problem, otherwise, it will easily cause water pollution and a humid environment. This problem will become more and more serious.

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