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The difference between the south and the north in the choice of wood plastic composite decking


  With the development of the economy, the modern decoration style has undergone tremendous changes. As far as floor decoration is concerned, most people used to use preservative wood in the past, and now they should use wood plastic composite decking. Now many parks, scenic spots, and large outdoor decoration places will use this material. So, what are the characteristics of wood plastic composite decking?

  1. How much is wood plastic composite decking?

  To install this new material, our concern is the price. Because of budget problems, we ask for different prices. For this kind of floor, in fact, the formulas of different manufacturers will have different cross-sectional states, and the price difference will be relatively large. Different products have different characteristics. Now some businesses will shoddy wood flooring materials of different quality, resulting in price deviation, but the quality is also very different. Even if someone buys hollow plastic wood floors now, the material is cheap, but the quality is definitely not the same. And the price of solid materials will be much higher.

The difference between the south and the north in the choice of wood plastic composite decking

  2. Where can I install wood plastic composite decking?

  Different decorations will definitely involve different areas, and even some areas will have deviations in the selection of materials due to different climatic conditions. In some areas, the air humidity is relatively high, so it is recommended to choose a hollow wood plastic composite decking. On the contrary, if the air climate difference is not large, then a solid one is naturally better. For example, in many areas in the south, the annual climatic conditions are basically the same, and the temperature difference is not large. In such places, hollow plastic boards are selected, which are cheap and can also meet daily needs.

  In a word, the reason why this kind of wood plastic composite decking is popular with users. The specificity and effectiveness of the floor also allow users to see its value.

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