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Application of wood plastic composite wpc in the garden landscape


  The wood plastic composite wpc used in garden landscapes is derived from the construction industry. At present, the scope of application is constantly expanding, and the application forms are also constantly diversifying. Looking around, the application forms of wood plastic composite wpc in domestic garden landscape mainly focus on paving (trails, steps, hydrophilic platforms, landscape balconies, etc.), guardrails (guardrails, railings, wooden fences, escalators, etc.), sketches (outdoors, etc.) Seats, tables, flower stands, outdoor swings, flower beds, flower pots, flower boxes, etc.), garden auxiliary facilities (trash bins, signs, etc.), and garden buildings (wooden houses, wooden pavilions, wooden villas, wooden activity rooms, etc.) All solid wood and plastic products in the wood structure can be replaced by wood-plastic products.

Application of wood plastic composite wpc in the garden landscape

  Wood materials have always been favored by garden landscapes. Treated wood boards have always been the first choice for decking materials in garden landscape construction. Compared with other materials, wood boards are easier to construct, have strong processability, and have more affinity, which can satisfy people's psychological closeness to nature. Therefore, the application of solid wood materials is very extensive. However, because solid wood materials are exposed to the outdoors for a long time, they are easily corroded by the natural environment, and are prone to deformation, fading, moth-eaten and other adverse consequences, which increases the maintenance cost in the later period. In contrast, wood plastic composite wpc overcomes the above shortcomings. With its excellent performance in all aspects, it is normally used in outdoor conditions, with little cracking, corrosion, etc., which greatly reduces the maintenance cost in the later period. With excellent performance, good dimensional stability, and realistic wooden sensory enjoyment, it is definitely an economical and beautiful landscape application material in garden construction.

  (1) Specifications of slabs

  At present, the common specifications of outdoor decking are 140mm×25mm, 140mm×35mm, 145mm×25mm, 145mm×35mm, and so on. Due to the immature development of the industry and the diversification of production equipment and production processes, the current specifications of wood-plastic materials are only the factory standards, and there is no unified industry standard.

  (2) The difference between indoor and outdoor wood plastic composite wpc decking

  Outdoor decking and indoor decking are very different in use, so the plastic substrates used are also different, and the performance is also different. Indoor decking mostly uses PVC and PP as raw materials, and outdoor decking is currently mainly made of PP and PE materials. Different plastic substrates give WPC profiles different properties. The difference in shape is mainly the thickness of the product, the thickness of outdoor decking is obviously larger than that of indoor decking.

  (3) Application form of wood-plastic outdoor decking in gardens

  The application of wood-plastic decking in gardens is diverse and has a wide range of applications, such as docks, garden roads, viewing platforms, planks, courtyard decking, and other applications. Wood-plastic outdoor decking is not only in various forms but also very rich in color. Commonly used in gardens are black hu, red tassels, white oak, golden sandalwood, red sandalwood, walnut, mahogany, cedar, cherry, etc., which can also be formulated according to the specific needs of users.

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