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Wood plastic composite wpc design points in outdoor landscape


  With the increasing pursuit of beauty in life, the customization of wood plastic composite wpc will become a trend. According to the actual scene requirements and actual functional requirements of the floor, the functional and aesthetic modeling rules should be followed in the surface design of the floor.

  The garden landscape is basically an outdoor public place with a large passenger flow. Outdoor environmental factors of wind and rain have been testing the performance of ground paving materials. According to the requirements of surface modeling, the WPC floor is required to have a certain degree of slip resistance and wear resistance. In addition to the physical properties of the material itself, the performance of the floor should also be noted.

Wood plastic composite wpc design points in outdoor landscape

  In the surface modeling design of landscape wood plastic composite wpc, the curved shape with an uneven surface must be adopted, which can increase the roughness of the floor surface, thereby increasing the friction between the floor and the floor. So as to achieve the purpose of anti-slip.

  Surface molding is beneficial to drainage and anti-corrosion performance. Although plastic wood products have the characteristics of moisture resistance, weather resistance, and aging resistance, they will also produce certain fatigue and creep under the influence of the outdoor natural environment. These changes will reduce the strength of the floor and increase the rate of bending. Therefore, in the design of the surface shape of the landscape plastic wood floor, the drainage performance of the floor should be properly considered to improve its anti-corrosion performance.

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