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Application of Wpc decking floor in outdoor park wetland


  The plastic wood material has many advantages such as non-perishable, non-deformable, moisture-proof, moth-proof, mildew removal, etc. It can be used in engineering construction, home decoration, garden landscape, outdoor parks, etc., alleviating China's fragile ecological environment.

  At this stage, the preventive measures for returning farmland to forests have not yet solved the problem of shortage in the timber market. Environmentally friendly decorative materials have become new materials for the research and development, manufacture and manufacture of new products in my country. Wpc decking floor is widely used, especially in the building materials and decoration industry. For a long time, the development of plastic wood products includes hundreds of categories, such as Wpc decking floor, wpc fence wood plastic composite, wpc terrace, etc.


  In addition, the installation of a Wpc decking floor also saves time and effort, can be sawed with ordinary props, can be colored according to each person's different regulations, and maintain the multi-dimensional change of appearance. Wpc decking floor has a good bearing capacity and tensile strength and has good maintenance protection.

  As the ecological adjustment and leisure space of the city, wetlands have played a huge role in the environmental development and climate adjustment around the city, and plastic wood has played an important role in it.

  However, in the construction process of scenic spots, in order to have a more ideal ecological leisure effect, a large number of solid wood products are often used as the floor of landscape planks. Such ground or water surfacing wastes forest wood resources and damages the environment. The application of the Wpc decking floor alleviates the contradiction between people's pursuit of natural leisure life and environmental protection. Therefore, more and more products conforming to the Wpc decking floor material appear in the park wetland scenic area.

  Wpc decking floor has the dual advantages of wood plastic in performance. The appearance and wood texture are realistic and natural, and the material is stable. It is not easy to crack, deform and warp. WPC products have anti-aging, anti-corrosion, anti-insect, and anti-term functions, and have low water absorption.

  Rich in color and easy to work with, it is as easy to cut, plane, nail, and drill as wood.

  Whether it is a hot summer or a cold winter, in the changing seasons, the Wpc decking floor is still as gentle as ever. Let go of the complicated affairs, get out of the depressed space, and let us walk into the outdoor areas such as the picturesque wetlands of the park, and feel life.

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