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The courtyard balcony created by the Wpc decking floor


  Wpc decking floor can be used in a variety of places, so let's take a look at its application in courtyard decoration to help you better understand the product. Let's follow the editor of Hongzhimu to understand it.

  1. Plastic wood balcony terrace

  The courtyard, balcony, and terrace are the passage between each home and the outside world. How to integrate the home with nature and introducing the outdoor scenery into the home can only be achieved through careful planning and design. In recent years, the natural pastoral style has captured the hearts of modern people, and the small fresh pastoral style of outdoor decoration has gradually become popular. For example, the Wpc decking floor is used for the decoration of the balcony of the villa courtyard, which is used to replace the general anti-corrosion wood and ceramic tiles.

The courtyard balcony created by the Wpc decking floor

  2. Plastic wood decoration for patio patio

  The use of plastic wood in villa courtyards has become popular. The balcony courtyard is an outdoor environment with more sunlight and may be humid. Therefore, the use of plastic wood materials can fully reflect the advantages. Laying plastic wood in the balcony or courtyard can It is easy to create a warm home atmosphere. It is a completely different aesthetic feeling than laying tiles, and it is much more beautiful than anti-corrosion wood, and it does not require maintenance.

  Due to the limitations of materials, craftsmanship and aesthetic habits, and many other factors in domestic decoration, the use of color is not as bold as abroad. Most of the home decoration is mainly based on wood color, which looks dull and lacks changes after installation. In the design of a set of plans, the designer has attempted in this area. The decking, guardrails, flower boxes, flower stands, walls, etc. use different colors to make the colors feel harmonious and rich, and will inevitably produce distinctive effects. Plastic wood composite materials can fully meet these personalized color requirements.

  3. Plastic wood terrace balcony

  Plastic wood has the characteristics of anti-moth and chemical erosion, strong water absorption, and a water absorption rate is only 0.1%. When laying on the balcony and terrace of the villa courtyard, a certain space should be left with the ground, and a certain gap should be left between the plastic-wood panels, which can maintain good ventilation of the plastic wood and facilitate cleaning and maintenance.

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