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Wood plastic composite wpc garden products and application status


  The use and selection of materials in each historical stage have obvious characteristics of the times, especially in today's rapid development of economy and technology, the materials used in the construction of urban landscapes show the characteristics of the "new" era.

  Building materials such as doors and windows account for 80% of the total demand for composites in North America. In North America, other major market applications are floor coverings, automotive components, and industrial and consumer goods. Driven by the trend of global economic integration, developing countries in Asia, which are slightly inferior to western developed countries, are also huge markets for wood plastic composite wpc, especially China, the largest country in Asia. With continuous and steady development, the application of WPC materials in various elements of the garden landscape, platforms, floors, walls and interiors, and furniture has become more and more popular.

Wood plastic composite wpc garden products and application status

  Wood plastic composite wpc can be flexibly adjusted in the manufacturing process and can be adapted to a variety of processing methods. There are also a wide variety of processed products. The products can be divided into wire, sheet, plate, ordinary profiles, special profiles, and other series. From perspective raw materials, it can be divided into polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), polystyrene (PS), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and ABS plastics; There are several types of structural, decorative, packaging, and characteristic types, and the process, raw materials, cost, and other factors will be quite different for different purposes; from the product form of wood plastic composite wpc, it can be designed as a solid A rectangular cross-section can also be designed in a hollow cross-sectional shape. The surface can be processed into a realistic wood texture so that the viewer has a real sensory enjoyment; from the point of view of the molding process, its products can be divided into extrusion molding, compression molding, and injection molding, and blow molding, etc. At present, wood plastic composite wpc products with the most application potential; from the perspective of garden market demand, wood plastic composite wpc is mainly divided into two categories: outdoor garden series and building interior decoration series, and there are also some special products, which can be based on actual needs. Depends.

  Throughout the country, with the development of the economy and the continuous improvement of urban landscape construction today, the application of wood plastic composite wpc in gardens is mostly concentrated in the outdoor pavement, trash cans, seats, garden buildings (pavilions, corridors, etc.) and Various garden pieces, etc. The application of wood plastic composite wpc is particularly common in several major cities with relatively strong economic strength in China, especially in newly built parks and green spaces, where this material is widely used, mainly in outdoor decking, fences, seats, etc. . The difference in the use of garden materials in different cities is also influenced by their economic development, urban culture, urban background, and other aspects. Of course, because of this difference, the landscape presents a variety of characteristics.

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