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wood plastic composite decking is well received by users


  When choosing floor materials, people will first think of traditional wooden floors, because wooden floors are more wear-resistant during use, and the floor can also achieve a certain decorative effect after laying, but there are also many wooden floors that cannot be ignored. Disadvantages, this material is easy to be moth-eaten in the process of use, and it is easy to be deformed when it encounters water stains. Therefore, the service life of wooden floors is not very long, and users generally need to replace them regularly, which will increase the decoration work. a lot of burdens. The use of wood plastic composite decking can solve these problems. The wood plastic material is made of polymer raw materials and has undergone a high-temperature treatment process, so the floor will not become moldy and damp after laying, and the service life of the material is relatively long.

wood plastic composite decking is well received by users

  Now people also encounter such a problem when choosing decoration materials, that is, many floors will add a lot of toxic substances in the process of processing, and chemical reagents are also very commonly used, so the application of these materials is not safe, and it will also cause harm to the human body. Certain damage and the floor materials that add a lot of chemicals do not meet the environmental protection requirements.

  When making wood plastic composite decking, no substances harmful to the human body such as formaldehyde are used, so the board is very safe after laying, and the wood-plastic material is also non-toxic and harmless and is well received by users. In addition, the selection of this material can also avoid a large number of felling of wood and reduce the application rate of wood, which also meets the requirements of environmental protection.

  Nowadays, when people choose decoration materials, they should pay attention to the environmental protection of materials, which is not only beneficial to human survival but also reduces the waste of resources. Therefore, the application of wood plastic composite decking will be more common in the future.

  As a new type of composite material, plastic wood is gradually accepted and recognized by the public. The plastic wood material implements the national standard GB/T24508-2009, mainly from wood powder and PE plastic (international abbreviation as WPC), both of which are recycled materials, of which 60% of wood powder, 30% of PE plastic, and the other 10% are mainly Chemical additives, through mixing and granulation process, and then through high temperature and high-pressure extrusion molding of the plastic wood extruder.

  Macrotech currently has co-extrusion wood floor, co-extrusion fence, first-generation wood-plastic floor, wood-plastic guardrail, wood-plastic fence, wood-plastic flower box, wood-plastic gallery, and other series, more than 100 varieties, which can meet the needs of different projects. Application requirements.

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