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Can outdoor wpc decking be exposed to the sun?


  Outdoor wpc decking is a popular outdoor wpc decking material in recent years. It has many advantages, such as long service life, low maintenance cost, many optional colors, and a natural appearance. However, people often ask: "Can outdoor wpc decking be exposed to the sun?"

Can outdoor wpc decking be exposed to the sun?

  Of course, the answer is yes. First of all, we need to know that, after all, all materials will absorb heat and become hot when exposed to direct sunlight in summer. There are many factors that affect the temperature of outdoor wpc deckings, such as the time of direct sunlight, and the color and density of the decking, which can affect the overall temperature. But in fact, the outdoor wpc decking we make is no hotter than traditional wood floors. Hongzhimu's outdoor wpc decking is made of wood fiber and recycled plastic pellets, and our advanced manufacturing process gives it excellent heat resistance, which will not crack, shrink, etc. due to prolonged exposure to the sun like wpc decking question.

  How to reduce the impact of sun exposure on outdoor wpc decking?

  If the place where you are installing is long and hot in summer, you can choose a lighter-colored outdoor wpc decking to reduce heat absorption. We provide various colors of outdoor wpc decking to choose from. In addition to the choice of materials, planting trees for shade or adding umbrellas can also reduce direct sunlight.

  As one of the largest R&D manufacturers of plastic wood products in North China, Hongzhimu has always adhered to the product concept of "focusing on quality and consistent" to ensure high stability of product quality. Consistent from board to last board".

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