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Can outdoor wpc decking be non-slip?


  Slips and falls on the floor are dangerous, and if you plan to install the floor near a pool or in a humid environment such as frequent rain, your first concern is the safety of the floor. Sunlight and rain can cause wood to crack or rot, and mold that grows on floors can also make floors slippery. With outdoor wpc decking, you don't have to worry about that, this durable and low-maintenance composite won't crack and rot, and it won't require painting after long-term use.

  Most outdoor wpc decking has moisture-proof properties. Compared with other composite materials, our wpc decking products are designed and manufactured to focus on improving anti-skid performance. wpc decking looks and feels like wood, but is made of high-density plastic and wood fibers that are harder than wood. At present, some wpc decking covers the surface with a layer of plastic, but the surface of the plastic is smoother. The surface we use plastic wood mixed is similar in texture to the wood, and the surface is rougher, which further improves the anti-skid performance.


  Every piece of outdoor wpc decking we manufacture is made with different surface treatments on both sides, one side is smooth and the other is grooved. Where better slip resistance is required, it can be installed with the grooved surface facing up, making it less prone to slipping when walking barefoot or with shoes on.

  Sometimes, the slippery condition is caused by mold on the surface of the floor. Mold will not grow on wpc decking, but pollen, leaves, or other debris on the floor may cause mold. It is important to note that regular cleaning with soap and water is used to keep the floor clean.

  As one of the largest R&D manufacturers of plastic wood products in North China, macrotech has always adhered to the product concept of "focusing on quality and consistency" to ensure high stability of product quality. The last board is always the same".

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