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The price of plastic wood flooring is related to the cost of the materials used


  The waterproof and anti-corrosion performance of the plastic wood floor is very good, which is the main reason why it is often used in outdoor decoration. Because this material is resistant to corrosion, it will not change significantly due to weather and climate. In addition, the formaldehyde content is so low that it can be ignored as zero. The whole decorative material is rich in texture, diverse in color and novel in shape. At the same time, customized materials can be used, and different structural profiles can be selected according to users. Nowadays, plastic wood flooring is gradually replacing the original wooden decorative materials, and its price will vary according to the cost of different materials.


  This kind of plastic wood floor is a new material with high technical requirements. Generally made of wood flour, rice husk and other natural fiber materials. This insulation also has the properties of natural fibers, making it more environmentally friendly and less expensive than other wood-based materials. Now the wood-plastic materials we produce are basically mixed with various plastic powders. This compressive capacity is relatively large, with good strength and toughness. Of course, it also has the effects and advantages of waterproof and insect-proof that solid wood does not have. Of course, the price of its plastic wood floor is slightly higher than that of other general floors.

  In short, this kind of plastic wood floor is in contrast to solid wood flooring. The plastic wood is not easy to be deformed, not easy to crack, it can be reprocessed, it can be nailed and drilled, and it has the advantages of recycling. It is a safe choice for you.

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