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Outdoor decking has a coup for cleaning the gaps and dust on the floor


  Outdoor decking is widely used in today's life, so if there is dust in the gaps, how should we clean it up? What are some tips, let's follow the editor of macrotech to see!

  The floor can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner, and dust removal is especially important! We will install a new vacuum suction cup or crevice vacuum suction cup on the vacuum cleaner, so that the crevice dust can be cleaned as soon as possible.


  After dusting, use a cotton mop to scrub. When mopping the floor, in order to clean up the adverse effects as soon as possible, use the technical floor cleaning solution to add water to clean as much as possible, instead of rinsing with tap water immediately.

  If there is no vacuum cleaner in the company office, the hair dryer is also the killer of crevice dust. Turn on the hair dryer to cool air, adjust the wind speed to a suitable speed, and blow at the gap of the floor, so that dirt and dust can be blown out. Then, wipe it clean with a rag.

  After removing the dust in the cracks of the floor, don't forget to apply the floor wax. Before polishing and waxing, wipe the floor with a dry rag, mainly in the gaps, and there is no need to leave cleaning liquid. In addition, to prevent the floor from turning white, be sure to wait until the floor is dry before starting polishing and waxing. The outdoor decking wax should be stirred evenly first, fully soaked with a clean rag, and the floor should be waxed evenly and thinly. It's actually very simple and very effective.

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