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Is wood Decking ok for the roof garden?


  Roof garden space is often ignored by people, how can we make reasonable use of this space? Is wood Decking ok for the roof garden? The answer is yes, the wood Decking roof garden is not only beautiful but also practical.

  The roof garden is paved with wood decking, which can effectively make use of the existing space. The floor can be paved with whole pieces or paved with small footpaths. Some green vegetables are planted beside the footpaths, which gives the idyllic atmosphere to the noisy city.

Is wood Decking ok for the roof garden?

  Wood Decking is more durable than solid wood. Wood Decking is sunscreen and waterproof, does not rot and crack, and does not require maintenance after installation. It is environmentally friendly and safe, and can save more natural resources than solid wood. After work or leisure time on weekends, you can invite several friends to drink tea and chat in the roof garden, which is also a kind of fun of life.

  Wood Decking comes in dozens of colors, and the owner can choose different colors according to his preference. My favorite is the dark brown wood Decking, which is resistant to new and dirty flooring and can be used in roof gardens with green plants.

  Wood Decking is installed in the roof garden. There is no need to worry about the maintenance of the floor. Once the floor is installed, there is no need to maintain it.

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