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Old-style waterproof PC Decking is a big hit


  In recent years, many owners like simple and modern decoration style, so many owners in the choice of material color like to choose the gray department, gray department is not only fashionable and classic, long look. Waterproof WPC Decking, for example, is among the favorites this year.

  Macrotech waterproof PC Decking is a combination of solid wood and plastic, it not only maintains the affinity of solid wood floor feeling, but also has a good moisture resistance, acid and alkali resistance, anti-fungal, anti-static, moth-proofing, and long service life, natural material environmental protection, do not fade.

Old-style waterproof PC Decking is a big hit

  Macrotech waterproof WPC Decking surface adopts 360 degrees full cover coating technology, under high temperature conditions, the protective polymer material and the inner wood fiber common extrusion molding, does not use formaldehyde adhesive, so not only can be used in the outdoor, and can be used in the indoor, such as balcony, bathroom, etc.

  Macrotech vibrwPC Decking has dozens of conventional colors, among which the best sellers are ancient wood and teak, especially ancient wood, because of its high-end tone, is the favorite of many owners of balcony, roof garden floor, ancient wood similar to light gray, and modern furniture match. It looks high-end, elegant and classy.

  With the impetuous heart of going to the city, Macrotech creates every product with an artistic attitude. Macrotech co-extruded wood relies on its unique "log" surface treatment technology to create realistic log texture, carefully carved to taste nature, make "home" more comfortable and beautiful.

  Macrotech specializes in the research and development, production and sales of plastic wood products, the company has strong economic strength, with 20 independent production lines, annual output of 15,000 tons, with stable and timely supply capacity. The company attaches importance to innovation, with an excellent professional R & D team, focusing on strict quality control and thoughtful service. If you have any purchase needs, please feel free to contact us.

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