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Macrotech Eco-friendly Terrace Decking is worth your choice


  Macrotech was founded in 2016, specializing in the production and construction of injection wood products, is a professional plastic wood company integrating research and development, production and sales. Macrotech small make up for you to specifically introduce the following five advantages of choosing its wood plastic.

  First, r&d and design advantages

  Macrotech has independent research and development ability, and material structure optimization, performance optimization advantage of the production of products have passed SGS and ISO9001 and other authoritative testing institutions testing and certification.


  Second, capacity and supply advantages

  Macrotech has 27 high-standard independent production lines, each line is customized by independent mold production, production cycle can be shortened to 21 days, covers an area of more than 17,000 square meters, has 8 production plants, annual output of 20000 tons.

  Three, quality and stability advantage

  As one of the large-scale plastic wood product research and development manufacturers in North China, Macrotech has been adhering to the product concept of "focus on quality, consistent" all the way to ensure a high degree of stability in product quality, to achieve - "from the first board to the last board consistent".

  Four, environmental protection and quality control advantages

  Macrotech products are made of green raw materials, through 15 procedures of strict quality inspection, strength, density, water absorption and waterproof and fireproof ability, have reached the international level.

  Five. Brand and market advantages

  With international vision and mature supply and distribution system at home and abroad, there are more than 80 agency distribution agencies, strictly ensure that every customer get stable supply and service guarantee.

  Macrotech adhere to the "focus on quality, consistent" product concept, only do high-quality plastic wood products, truly achieve a large-scale, high-quality, stable and continuous supply -- let hong Zhi wood quality, from the first board to the last board consistent.

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