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Post-installation inspection of Park Wood Decking is important


  With the well-known macrotech wood plastic composite and the popularity of Wood Decking, more and more families use wood Decking as part of their home decoration, and wood plastic landscape has also become a part of the family garden. After installing Wood Decking, you should check as follows before using it.

  1. First of all, whether the wood Decking color is consistent, whether the grain is consistent, and whether the surface is damaged;

Post-installation inspection of Park Wood Decking is important

  2. Check smoothness. After laying the first row of wood Decking, the installer should test it by pulling a straight line. If it is uneven, it should be adjusted immediately, otherwise it will affect the subsequent wood Decking installation. After laying, it is best to put a ruler on the solid wood floor to see if there is any warping. Flatness, check with ruler to see if there is warping, adjust the flatness deviation to the allowable range.

  3. Check whether the floor is deformed or warped. The method is to use 2 meters long straight ruler, rely on the floor, flatness should not be more than 5 millimeter. Take a few more measurements, if the pass rate is more than 80% as qualified, on the contrary, is not qualified. Sometimes we can discover floor local arch, here be about to take apart to be processed afresh, see is ground uneven bring about or when installation did not adjust be caused by.

  As one of the large-scale plastic wood product research and development manufacturers in North China, Macrotech has been adhering to the product concept of "focus on quality, consistent" all the way to ensure a high degree of stability in product quality, to achieve - "from the first board to the last board consistent". If you have this aspect of procurement needs, you can call macrotech consulting at any time, we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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