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Wood Decking, an indispensable garden in the landscape area


  Wood Decking garden is moisture-proof, easy to maintain, easy to install, and indispensable to the landscape area. Wood Decking is now ubiquitous outdoors, adding a beautiful addition to our attractions and parks.

  In a long time ago, no matter scenic spots or parks, or their own backyard will use wood products and stone as the main materials, but wood in the wind and sun after high mildew and decay, so that not only affect the beauty, but also to people's safety problems caused hidden dangers. And stone after years of weathering and will grow moss and dirt, clean up, very not easy, but also affect beautiful, to later again the iron, but iron and wood, in the long run it is easy to rust and dangerous for people, to the later, stainless steel, but the cost of stainless steel is bigger, so is not suitable for use in the urban construction.

Wood Decking, an indispensable garden in the landscape area

  Wood plastic is a new type of material, which is made of PE and wood powder or bamboo powder. After adding various auxiliary agents, it is mixed at high speed, then granulated, and then extruded into profiles by extruder. Wood decking not only maintains the beauty of wood, but also has the characteristics of moisture-proof and anti-decay. But more importantly, its hardness can be compared with steel, and the color and design can be adjusted according to their own needs.

  There are many wood-plastic products, such as Wood Decking and wood-plastic guardrail. Because of its simple installation, low price and easy maintenance, wood-plastic is very suitable for large-scale use of garden landscape, outdoor platforms such as villas and roadside guardrail. Wood Decking is now widely used in park walkways and various outdoor walkways. That way I'm not afraid of the wind and the sun.

  Macrotech continues to expand the application field of products, so that the products are more suitable for the market demand, more to meet multi-dimensional use scenarios. Let more green environmental protection innovation products into every aspect of life.

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