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Why leave gaps when installing outdoor WPC Decking?


  Why leave gaps when installing outdoor WPC Decking? Many owners do not particularly understand this, in view of this situation, Macrotech outdoor WPC Decking wholesale manufacturers and you say the reasons. This is actually similar to the original cement road, which is caused by thermal expansion and contraction.

  When installing the outdoor WPC Decking, it is necessary to leave a gap, which is mainly for the following factors:

  1. Drainage;

  2. Slight thermal expansion and contraction;

  3. Cleaning;

Why leave gaps when installing outdoor WPC Decking?

  While the outdoor WPC Decking does not expand and contract due to the humidity and dryness of the environment, it will expand and contract to a certain extent depending on the temperature, so it is necessary to leave margin to margin and head-to-head Spaces, especially when installing in winter.

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