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Macrotech Outdoor WPC Decking is entering a golden age


  Macrotech Outdoor WPC Decking is mainly used in the field of outdoor public engineering. Its unique advantages and huge market prospects make it the most mainstream new material in the field of building materials in the future. Outdoor WPC Decking perfectly solves the dual needs of people pursuing natural construction and green environmental protection. Become the trend that replaces natural solid wood plank.

  As an alternative to outdoor solid wood, the outdoor WPC Decking material has a number of unique and high quality properties:

Macrotech Outdoor WPC Decking is entering a golden age

  1, good weather resistance, waterproof, anticorrosion, high temperature resistance, acid and alkali resistance, no warp cracking, put an end to insect and ant erosion, ultraviolet resistance.

  2. Excellent decorative effect, similar to the surface texture of solid wood and with solid wood texture, the surface is anti-skid and wear-resistant, comfortable trampling. The color can be adjusted for a long time.

  3. Simple construction, good physical performance, arbitrary modeling, moisture-proof floor in Beicheng New District, simple splicing, time limit for a project, time saving and labor saving, low labor cost.

  4, easy maintenance and cleaning, no maintenance at the later stage of one installation, simple cleaning, cloth wipe and water washing, and long outdoor service life.

  5. The price is moderate. Compared with solid wood and other materials, what are the moisture-proof floors.

  6, moisture-proof floor price, green environmental protection, no toxic effect, no harm to the human body and the environment, does not contain radioactive elements and harmful chemicals, is outdoor ground pavement materials.

  7, high insulation, to ensure its high quality characteristics in energy saving and safety.

  Over the past five years, Macrotech has always been at the forefront of product research and development, constantly learning advanced technologies and products at home and abroad, adhering to innovation and upgrading, researching and developing innovative products more suitable for market demand, more able to meet multi-dimensional use scenarios and more green environmental protection, and serving customers in more than 50 countries around the world. Heavy quality, more heavy texture!

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