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Macrotech teaches you the selection method for WPC Fencing


  The appearance of Macrotech wood-plastic materials has received the favor of the majority of customers. For WPC Fencing, as an important part of gardens and villas, it not only plays a protective role, but also has a good aesthetic effect. It has become an integral part of the overall shape. So what should be paid attention to when purchasing WPC Fencing? Let macrotech xiaobian for you to introduce it.

  1, Now that people's living conditions are better, the degree of attention to environmental protection has reached an unprecedented high. Because some people do not know about WPC Fencing, they think that natural wood contains a certain amount of formaldehyde. Combined with the multilayer bonding between the veneer, the formaldehyde content in the solid oak wood laminate floor is high, which is not environmentally friendly. In reality, as long as the release of WPC Fencing formaldehyde is controlled within the category defined by the national scale, it can be safely used.

Macrotech teaches you the selection method for WPC Fencing

  2. When choosing WPC Fencing, some people often pay attention to the similarity of its texture, which is also a common mistake people make when choosing fences. In fact, WPC Fencing is a natural wood product. Due to different factors such as sunlight, the brilliance of the wood is not the same. Additional, it is the plank that unified wood cuts saw to come down namely, because the position difference of cut saw, color depth, wood grain also won't be similar, reason wood plastic floor objectively exists the sign of chromatic aberration and spot pattern unbending balance, this is natural sign really, need not be too demanding color is equal.

  The above is about the selection method of WPC Fencing. When selecting WPC Fencing, you should also ask whether the merchant will help to install it. If the merchant cannot provide the follow-up service, it should be carefully considered.

  Macrotech, as one of the large-scale wood-plastic product research and development manufacturers in North China, along the way, uphold the product concept of "focus on quality, always consistent", to ensure a high degree of stability of product quality, to achieve - "from the first board to the last board always consistent". If you have this aspect of the purchase needs, Macrotech is your first choice!

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