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Why is there a gap for Ultra shield wood plastic composite decking installation?


  Ultra shield wood plastic composite decking has the advantages of practical installation and long service life, but there will be difficult problems in the whole process of installation, which must be grasped during work. For example, it is very important to leave a gap in the installation of Ultra shield wood plastic composite decking Important, so why the gap?

  Under normal circumstances, the installation of Ultra shield wood plastic composite decking should take into account moisture resistance, related costs, high-temperature resistance and other factors, so as to ensure the qualification of the installation.


  According to the detailed explanation of professional staff, the key is to leave gaps in the installation of plastic wood flooring, so that the sewage pipes can be installed more conveniently and quickly during the whole process of use. Because plastic wood flooring has good waterproof characteristics, it is mostly used in rainy areas in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, where water storage often occurs, and the gap in the middle of the wooden floor can be installed with sewage pipes, and in addition to avoiding long-term damage to the wooden floor Soaked in water.

  Another aspect is that the existence of gaps can reduce the thermal deformation time of the wooden floor, relieve the pressure of the wooden floor to a certain extent, and increase the service life of the wooden floor. Moreover, the existence of gaps is conducive to daily cleaning during use and reduces the difficulty of maintaining the wooden floor.

  In addition, for the installation of Ultra shield wood plastic composite decking, in order to better improve its sturdiness, it is generally selected to fix it with small screws in the middle of the wooden floor. Before fixing it, it is necessary to drill holes with a hand drill. It can be installed conveniently and quickly with small screws. In the second half, if a small screw loosens, engineering reinforcement can also be carried out according to the actual situation. Note that there should be a gap in the middle of the floor as much as possible, and the size of the gap must be determined according to the actual situation, generally between 5-8cm.

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