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Do you know the production process of co-extrusion wood plastic composite decking?


  When making Co-extrusion wood plastic composite decking, in order to ensure overall performance, the production process needs to pay more attention to some details, and at the same time adjust the appropriate treatment plan according to the characteristics of the material. Let’s learn together with the editor of Hong Zhimu a bit.

Do you know the production process of co-extrusion wood plastic composite decking?

  At the beginning of the production of co-extrusion wood plastic composite decking, the raw materials are pretreated first, which needs to be processed according to the characteristics and specifications of the tree species, and at the same time, the internal moisture content must be kept between 8% and 13%, which can be very good Guarantee the subsequent processing status and performance. After that, you need to pay attention to the amount of sizing of the product and the hot-pressing process. The sizing needs to be determined according to the situation to avoid excessive or too little. In hot pressing, the relationship between time, pressure, and temperature are directly proportional. If the time is too long, the product will be too dry, while the pressure and temperature will make the colloid filling uniform and compact. If it is not well controlled, its performance will be easily affected.

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