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Does wood plastic composite decking have a long outdoor life?


  Currently in a developing state of low cost, the newest type of plastic material on the market. Is there a long service life for wood plastic composite decking?

  Wood is one of the most popular baseplate materials, and is a familiar sight to us in many parts of the country. However, at the same time, there are some minor drawbacks in the wood base plate, such as the presence of UV rays, the short service life when exposed to moisture, the wood is easily corroded, deformed, and cracked, and the strength of the wood base plate is relatively high. The multi-purpose lower base plate has a long service life, and the wood plastic composite decking is the best choice. The wood plastic composite decking has a high strength relative to the wood base plate, which is affected by water loss and deformation, and this kind of material is easy to remove, oil is not required, and it is easy to clean. Introduced 10 years after the current use, the traditional wood base plate can be changed, the color is old, but the wood plastic composite decking has been seen as a new general.

Does wood plastic composite decking have a long outdoor life?

  Microtech's wood plastic composite decking product adopts independent production and export technology, with base plate, natural wood effect, and high-performance product accepted. 10-15 years of use.

  Adhering to the core concept of keeping talents and developing rapidly, maintaining the concept of "quality life, green future" as macrotech, starting from the beginning with a sense of responsibility and a sense of responsibility for the civic mission of the enterprise, paying attention to the research and development of green products.

  Authenticity: Product raw materials are green zero harmful, and zero pollution; the product is 100% recyclable recycling use; all production process conforms to national environmental standards; Basic security.

  Road to the wind and rain、Macrotech never forgets the original intention、Future prospects、We will continue to cultivate plastic wood in the future、Hands-on with domestic and foreign customers、A new chapter in the book!

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