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Waterproof and fireproof properties of wood plastic composite decking


  Many families and communities now use wood plastic composite decking for decoration. This new home material has advantages in waterproof and anti-corrosion, post-processing, transformation and maintenance. Therefore, many people want to buy wood plastic composite decking, so how do we identify the quality and quality of wood plastic flooring?

  About the fire performance appraisal of wood plastic composite decking. Because we all know that this kind of floor is used outdoors, the requirement is to be able to withstand the wind and the sun. According to this appraisal, the B1 fire class detection is a simple standard. Will this floor automatically extinguish when it encounters a flame, or will it produce other toxic gases during the extinguishing process?

Waterproof and fireproof properties of wood plastic composite decking

  In addition, regarding the identification of the waterproof performance of wood plastic composite decking, it depends on the foaming rate of the relevant materials, whether the foaming rate can reach about 10%, and whether the water absorption will cause the length change in the case of water absorption, How wide the change in width can be controlled. Of course, there are specific test standard values.

  Regarding the identification of harmful substances in wood plastic composite decking, this is a concern of many consumers and users. Especially for newly renovated families, the detection of formaldehyde content has always been the top priority, and it is generally required to meet the standard at E0 level. Since such wood-plastic materials contain a certain amount of plastic, the detection of plastic substrates will also be involved, in which elements such as lead and mercury will also be more important. Of course, it is worth noting that the current plastic wood materials are actually very environmentally friendly, and there are basically not too many toxins.

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