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What are the design skills of garden courtyard WPC flooring?


  WPC flooring is a low-maintenance solution for small outdoor gardens. Even if your garden space is small, WPC flooring can be installed to create an attractive garden or versatile outdoor living area. Let's learn about the design skills of WPC flooring for garden courtyards.

  1. Outdoor furniture

  Outdoor tables and chairs are essential for small gardens. You can imagine how pleasant it is to sit outside and enjoy the warm sunshine on a leisurely afternoon. You can buy the right furniture according to the size of the space you have. Small gardens can use small folding tables and chairs and small tables, and larger spaces can accommodate six-seater dining tables and chairs or lounge chairs.

What are the design skills of garden courtyard WPC flooring?

  2. Raise the WPC flooring platform

  With the raised WPC flooring platform to distinguish the surrounding turf, you don't have to worry about the chair legs destroying the lawn or the muddy ground on rainy days. You can also lay WPC flooring at different heights according to different functional zones to make each area look organized and enhance your garden design.

  3. Waterscape

  Adding a small fish pond or water feature to a garden remodel can make the feel of nature blend in with a modern garden style. WPC flooring has excellent anti-skid and moisture-proof properties, and it will not affect life when laid on the edge of the fish pond.

  4. Outdoor cooking area

  Areas with WPC flooring are great for cooking and dining, and placing an outdoor cooking station and sink on WPC flooring will do just that.

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