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What knowledge do you have in the installation and use of outdoor WPC decking?


  For the installation of outdoor WPC decking, you may not know that much. What everyone is familiar with is that its appearance is relatively beautiful, and its use in home decoration gives a high-end feeling, so what knowledge do you need in installation and use? learn?

  1. About the cutting and drilling of WPC. If you need to drill holes, it is recommended that you use an alloy saw blade. The diameter of the saw blade can be slightly larger, and you can choose a diameter of 40 cm so that it is more convenient to cut. Of course, when cutting, it is best to pay attention to the direction of the lines. The aesthetics in the later stage has a lot to do with the cutting of the lines. If you encounter a relatively large hole, you must pay attention not to bring too much debris into the drill bit during the operation. It is best to complete it at one time. Of course, if it cannot be completed at one time, it can be done multiple times. try. But don't blindly rush the schedule and destroy the integrity of the material.

What knowledge do you have in the installation and use of outdoor WPC decking?

  2. About the stacking of outdoor WPC decking. Compared with the general traditional wood, the specific weight of the plastic wood board is slightly larger. Therefore, you should be more careful when installing in the later stage. It is best to have several people operate together, which can ensure safety. When storing, try to choose a relatively flat place. When stacking, you should also pay attention to the choice of location. The spacing should not be too large. The joists should maintain a certain verticality with the profiles. It is best not to open the package at will, and the outer package should not be exposed to the sun or rain, otherwise, it will be easily deformed by high temperature, and the humid environment will also affect its best performance. Well packaged, piled up in a pile.

  3. When installing, pay attention to the larger span. Generally, the span of the horizontal connection should be kept at about 40 cm. If you encounter the effect of screws. Pay attention to the selection of profiles, and at the same time, you must design the holes in advance, and pay attention to the diameter of the holes and the diameter of the screws.

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