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What will happen to waterproof decking?【macrotech】


  Many customers have reported that there will be problems in the use of WPC, and the maintenance of environmentally friendly waterproof decking is also quite difficult, and the price of waterproof decking is generally higher than other wooden floors, so in fact, many consumers know that waterproof decking is suitable for home decoration, But still use paved wood floors or wood-plastic floors. So what is the reason for the problem of waterproof decking?

  Through the investigation, it is found that the environmental protection waterproof decking is very easy to be distorted and deformed during the application process, the gap of the wooden floor is increased, the arching, the unevenness of the wooden floor, the gap the wooden floor, the peeling of the paint, the color of the wooden floor, etc.

What will happen to waterproof decking?【macrotech】

  Most of the reasons are due to the WPC itself, the laying behavior, and improper use. The overall analysis is as follows:

  1. Inappropriate wood crack resistance, improper production process, or improper local conditions of wood floor moisture content, the wood floor is simple and causes distortion.

  2. Excessive moisture content of the wooden floor, excessive dryness in the room, or poor laying of the wooden floor can easily cause the gap between the wood and plastic to be too large.

  3. The main reason for the arching of the wooden floor is the problem of laying behavior, such as improper application for the bridging part of the house, low water content when laying the wooden floor, moisture absorption and swelling at the end, etc.

  4. If the unevenness of the wooden floor is caused, it is generally caused by the unconvinced initial road surface, the unconvinced pavement of the main keel, the thickness of the wooden floor itself, or the deformation of the wooden floor.

  5. Many consumers report that there will be gaps in WPC, which is caused by the high water content of environmental protection waterproof decking, dry indoor air quality, and volatilization of water, so consumers are reminded to use WPC with appropriate local conditions.

  6. The loneliness of the paint and the discoloration of the wooden floor are mostly caused by changes in environmental protection and waterproof decking that are greatly affected by the environment. The adhesion of the paint is weak, and the ductility of the paint cannot be considered. The use of the environment is excessively vicious or caused by improper use.

  The above is the relevant content summarized by the editor of macrotech. For more information, please contact me directly, and we will serve you wholeheartedly.

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