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What should you pay attention to when purchasing a wood plastic composite fence?


  In the process of house decoration, a lot of boards will be used, but when buying boards, there are many types of boards on the market. Wood plastic composite fence is popular among people, and what should be paid attention to when purchasing?

  1. When purchasing a wood plastic composite fence, add a large core board when laying it. Consumers add a layer of large core board on the keel in order to pursue the foot feeling too much. In fact, the quality of large core boards varies greatly, and inferior large core boards will affect the pavement quality of wood-plastic floorboards.

What should you pay attention to when purchasing a wood plastic composite fence?

  2. When purchasing a wood plastic composite fence, only re-purchase and not re-pave, choose a good construction team, and adhere to the "six not paving", that is, the wall is wet and leaking, the ground is not dry, and the floor is not bent; Confused construction is not paved; inferior accessories are used;

  3. Wood plastic composite fence Some consumers think that the wood plastic floor does not need maintenance. In fact, it is not true that it does not require excessive maintenance. The floor is directly mopped with a mop, and the heating is not a concern. When things come, floor products are easy to produce Discoloration, deformation, gaps, etc. When using the product, it must be regularly maintained according to the manufacturer's requirements.

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