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Wood plastic floor is good hollow and solid distinction


  Wood plastic floor from core material type of different, can be divided into solid and hollow. Many people are not very clear about which of the two floors is better. Today, Macrotech Wood will answer questions and doubts for you.

  Although plastic wood hollow floor and plastic wood solid floor are wood plastic floor, but there is a big difference between the two, these differences are mainly reflected in 2 aspects:

  1, the force is different: the practice of plastic wood floor force requirements are higher, suitable for the outdoor use of greater human strength; And hollow plastic wood floor force requirement is not very high, suit to be used in the place with less flow of people.

Wood plastic floor is good hollow and solid distinction

  2, keel materials are different: the two need different keel materials, plastic wood solid floor is suitable for the use of steel keel, plastic wood hollow floor is suitable for the use of plastic wood keel. But no matter what kind of keel material is used, the best keel spacing is between 30cm and 40cm.

  Of course, whether hollow or solid wood plastic floor, their performance and advantages will not change, are green environmental protection, recycling, with solid wood superior texture and fireproof and waterproof floor, we usually in the park scenic area, residential property, plank road, pro level platform and other outdoor places can be seen everywhere. If you have plastic wood floor, plastic wood flower box and other needs, you can find Hong Wood Oh!

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