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The development trend of the wood plastic composite fence industry


  The development of wood plastic composite fences is getting faster and faster, so what is the development trend of its industry now, let's follow the editor of macrotech to find out!

  1. Diversification of raw material mixing

  That is to say, more raw and auxiliary materials may be added to the production of wood-plastic products, which will not only greatly enrich the variety of products, but also provide more space for its market expansion.

  2. Intelligent equipment technology

  As a self-contained new material, the continued development of the industry will definitely give birth to the specialization and intelligence of the equipment process, and the production process will develop from single extrusion to composite co-extrusion, coating, and co-extrusion, and intelligent manufacturing.

The development trend of the wood plastic composite fence industry

  3. Standardization of molding process

  Due to the unbalanced development of the domestic wood-plastic industry, there is no standard production process in the industry so far, and the constraints on the development of the industry due to their own craft ideas and behaviors will be gradually solved.

  4. Products develop from low-end to high value-added

  Judging from the development trajectory of the industry and the actual needs of the market, the single plank and railing model is destined to be broken. The high-end, diversification, and high-value of wood-plastic and stone-wood-plastic products will be inevitable.

  5. Wide application

  At present, wood plastic products are mainly used as new building materials in outdoor facilities, architectural decoration, indoor home furnishing, municipal gardens, tourism facilities, and other fields. As a recyclable new environmentally friendly material that replaces wood and plastic, a wood plastic composite fence can be widely used in agriculture, environmental protection, packaging logistics, highways/railways, automobiles, toys, Shipbuilding, military, and other fields.

  Macrotech really does: the raw materials of the products are green, zero-harm and pollution; the finished products are 100% recyclable; the whole chain production process conforms to the national environmental protection standards; the use process fully conforms to the sustainable development standards, realizing the transition from nature to nature The original intention of environmental protection.

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