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wood plastic composite decking enters the development stage


  Like many emerging industries, the wood-plastic composite material industry is currently facing various difficulties in the early stage of development. Factors such as few product varieties, imperfect standards, and lack of customs codes have formed constraints on the development of the industry. To shape the future competitiveness of the industry, there are still many problems in the wood-plastic composite industry that need to be solved. Only perfect standards can promote development.

  At present, my country's wood plastic composite decking industry foundation has been formed, and its output has surpassed the United States to become the world's first. However, very disproportionate to the status of the world's largest producer, my country's wood-plastic product standards are lacking and management is chaotic. This problem has plagued the development of this emerging industry since wood-plastic composite materials entered China.

wood plastic composite decking enters the development stage

  "Standards are very important for the healthy and orderly development of an emerging industry. The formulation of standards should play at least two roles, one is to improve the technical level, and the other is to regulate the development of the industry. For the wood plastic industry, the existing two Not only did this national standard not play a positive role, but it became a shelter for some inferior products. Among the various standards that are being formulated or have been established, the standard focal point is mixed, the professional level is low, and the management disorder is serious.”

  "It is not difficult to see from the above situation that in the process of formulating technical standards for the wood plastic composite decking industry, the phenomenon of multi-party participation and multi-manager management is very serious." Driven by interests, my country's standard formulation has appeared in a rush situation, resulting in multiple management, chaos, overlap, waste of resources, and sloppy drafting and formulation of standards and general interests in standard formulation and management. ization situation. The specialization level of some drafting units is low, and the product indicators formulated are much lower than the product indicators and practical application requirements of the current advanced enterprises in the industry, which seriously interferes with the market order and affects the healthy development of the wood-plastic composite material industry.

  Not only that, for export-oriented wood-plastic decking manufacturers, the low standard quality has not only suppressed Chinese export enterprises and greatly compressed their profit margins, but also faced the potential threat of foreign "double reverse".

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