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Why is wood decking so popular?


  In the past two years, with the requirements of home environmental protection, we will gradually enter a new home decoration environment, including the decoration of the outdoor courtyard on the first floor and the attic design of the sea-view real estate, as well as the decoration and decoration of the beach open-air restaurant, and the decoration of wood decking is indispensable. To improve the architectural environment grade of outdoor decoration.

  First of all, wood-plastic materials are very suitable for decoration in the attic of the house, especially in the beach scenic area, many houses are decorated with wood decking, because the high-end decoration taste of wood decking is mainly derived from the architecture of foreign country villas and scenic spots, so it is very special. The high-end and exquisite wood decking is smooth and firm, and will not cause any discomfort to the vision. Therefore, when viewing wood decking from the surface, can give people a very natural and comfortable experience. Only in some business and leisure clubs, you can see To the compound with minimal wood decking.

Why is wood decking so popular?

  As people pay more and more attention to environmental resources, wood plastic is also born. Wood-plastic material is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly product, which can not only control the discharge of harmful substances but also make the ground waterproof and moisture-proof. It not only has natural wood models, patterns, and colors, and can be recycled, so wood decking has entered the homes of ordinary people. Wood decking can change and change with the temperature. When it is in the hot summer, the toughness of wood plastic will increase, and there will be slight expansion, so there will be gaps between spans and head-to-head and edge-to-edge during installation to offset the impact of high temperature on wood shaping. In the cold and humid winter, there is still no need to worry about wood decking becoming moldy and damp because plastics account for 50% of the wood-plastic components, which will only harden. As a new type of environmentally friendly product, wood decking can be used at a lower temperature of -40°C. In winter, summer, autumn, and winter, wood decking brings you all-season comfort.

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