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What are the basic conditions for corridor wood decking?


  Regarding the installation of corridor wood decking, under normal circumstances, the joist requires a span of 30-50 cm (depending on the size of the profile) when installing wood-plastic profiles. The following are some advantages of plastic-wood materials in the application, and the loss of plastic-wood profiles. Compared with the North American market, there is still considerable room for the growth of wood-plastic composite materials and finished products. It is expected that the output of the domestic wood-plastic composite material market will exceed one million tons in recent years, and the output value will exceed 1 billion yuan. Plastic composite product system. Corridor wood decking is bound to become the trend of the future. For consumers, corridor wood decking is an energy-saving and environmentally friendly product, which can not only control the emission of harmful substances but also make the ground waterproof and moisture-proof. Let's take a look at the editor of Hongzhimu below!

What are the basic conditions for corridor wood decking?

  As the name implies, corridor wood decking is used for outdoor floors. Therefore, corridor wood decking must be able to withstand the changeable outdoor weather and strong temperature changes. In general, corridor wood decking generally must have the following: Basic conditions:

  1. Strong property: Ordinary wooden floor has a relatively high hygroscopicity. After being washed outdoors by rain and snow, it must be easily deformed, which is not a long-term solution.

  2. Strong corrosion resistance: The outdoor rainwater is sufficient, it is easy to breed fungi and termites, and the wood corrosion rate is faster.

  3. Strong pressure resistance: Many people are walking outdoors, and the floor needs to be strong against pressure.

  The above is the relevant content of corridor wood decking. For more information, please contact Ruixin Planning directly. We will serve you wholeheartedly.

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