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Anti-fire decking applications solve industry problems


  Through the use of the new composite material floor, the effect in the practical application can be greatly improved, and the current theme of environmental protection production and application can be satisfied. Through people's understanding of anti-fire decking, it can be seen that in the production of this product In the manufacturing process, the new equipment and processing technology need to be used, which involves many different application problems of raw materials, and the processing and manufacturing combined with different molds can well meet the actual needs of different users.

  1. Understand the processing and usability of the product.

  Because the current anti-fire decking is used in the actual processing and installation, the on-site construction and installation requirements can be completed through simple construction and processing methods. The original method is used for operation and use, and the surface of the product can be decorated with paint, so the construction of the flooring product is simpler, and there is no complex process requirement. In the actual installation and use, it can effectively save installation time and economic costs.

Anti-fire decking applications solve industry problems

  2. Analysis of the use advantages of new material products.

  In the use of the original wood floor, various problems will appear due to the actual environmental factors, and the wood floor today does not need long-term maintenance when it is used, even in special environments, anti- Fire decking also does not have the problems of expansion, cracking and deformation, and the cleaning effect is more ideal during use, which solves the noise problem in the use of other floors, and the actual thermal insulation and energy-saving effect is better.

  Combined with the processing and use of new materials, the superiority of anti-fire decking itself can be greatly improved, and the application field of such products has been gradually expanded. The specifications and colors of the floor are customized, so that the use effect of the product is well reflected, and it can be used in many different environments and climates, so the use of such floor products has received attention.

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