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Answer your performance questions about wood decking


  Now wood-plastic materials have been widely used, from simple wood decking to later outdoor wood-plastic applications, which have been widely practiced and applied. Of course, different environments have different installation requirements and usage requirements. Let's take a closer look below.

  The wood decking manufacturer pointed out that if the wood-plastic flower stand is used as a flower stand, the outdoor is very long, and the influence of the weather should be considered outdoors. Thermal expansion and cold contraction are the basic states. 


      The installation of columns and cross columns is very important, and it is necessary to maintain a firm and stable direction. In addition, if wooden floors are used outdoors, pay attention to the installation area and length. WPC is different from general plastics, it has the bending properties of the material itself. Pay attention to the inclination during installation, and it needs to be corrected in time. Otherwise, an abnormal state is likely to occur, and the later installation deformation will affect the use. One of the basic principles of installation is correct positioning and alignment.

     In addition, if it is installed vertically, pay attention to the fixing of the screws. The fixation of the screws needs to be aligned with the orientation. When the screw spacing is 30cm, it is necessary to ensure that the stress of at least four screws is in a balanced and uniform state.

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