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How to repair the small damage of anti-fire decking?


  Anti-fire decking is a common pavement decoration material. Compared with floor tiles, it requires more attention to the maintenance level. Next, the editor of macrotech will give you a detailed introduction. If there is small damage to anti-fire decking, what will happen? Repair?

  When anti-fire decking is in use, due to the walking of the staff, the movement of furniture, and the falling of equipment, it will cause damage, scratches, paint peeling, and other conditions to the floor.

How to repair the small damage of anti-fire decking?

  1. When anti-fire decking repairs scratches, first clean up the dust and dirt in the scratches.

  2. Smear tape on both sides of the scratch to be repaired to prevent the repair glue from sticking to the floor outside the scratch.

  3. Adjust to the same color as the original floor color and supplement it.

  4. After replenishing, use technical floor repair liquid to repair the floor.

  5. After the floor repair glue is dry, paint the anti-fire decking (Note: It is 0.1 mm higher than the original floor name)

  6. After the paint is dry, use a special CNC blade to level the anti-fire decking floor, and repair it to the same as the original floor.

  7. Oil and wax for anti-fire decking.

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