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Matters needing attention in the storage and installation of anti-slip decking


  Anti-slip decking is used in many public places. This kind of floor looks very high-end and atmospheric, flat and beautiful. Because of these characteristics, many large places will now consider using this kind of floor.

  Before installing anti-slip decking, we should place this anti-slip decking outdoors in a reasonable and orderly manner. Don't pile it up randomly. Usually, the whole bundle is stacked. If it's too messy, it's easy to expose to the sun. If there is no sun deformation before opening, then there will definitely be errors in future installations. In addition, during the handling process, be careful not to rub against the general floor and cause cracking.

Matters needing attention in the storage and installation of anti-slip decking

  Secondly, in the installation process of the floor, first, ensure the keel spacing, and then pay attention to the choice of screws. The keel sp09:23:48acing should be kept around 32, and the screws should be strong and durable automatic screws. If necessary, punch holes first, otherwise, it is easy to cause unbalanced spacing, and the spacing can be fixed with screws. We should consider drainage issues. Drainage also includes hot and cold water. The distance between hot and cold water should be small, and the distance between cold water can be slightly larger.

  When installing anti-slip decking, you need to pay attention to the distance between the gaps. Because there are many factors that affect the size of the gap, it is not only related to weather and climate. When it is hot, the gap can be larger, and when it is cold, the gap can be smaller. If the user has any questions during the installation process, it is recommended to consult the anti-slip decking manufacturer.

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