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How to avoid anti-slip decking noise?


  Many customers of newly renovated houses have encountered a lot of problems after installing anti-slip decking. If you want to know what is the cause, you have to look at the sound of the sound. If you step in a certain place. One-click, then step on it again, and it continues like this. It is judged that the middle of the wooden ground dragon and the pavement wooden tenon is not fixed, or the wooden tenon material is too soft and easy to be pulled up by the ground dragon.

  There are a few ways to solve the sound of wpc decking. There is a way to completely eradicate it: re-tighten the ground dragon and reinstall anti-slip decking. Pay attention to the following points to reduce the occurrence of rattling:

How to avoid anti-slip decking noise?

  1. Some holes are opened with a 12mm electric hammer drill bit in front of the equipment, so the wood tenon must be compacted with a square wood tenon above 18-20 mm to be effective. It is not easy to lay the hole. How many days the tenon will be dry and tightened;

  2. The wood tenon material used for tamping the ground is harder than the ground dragon material, and the compression force of the wood is small, and the ground dragon does not just pull the wooden tenon bullet up, so it is persistent and firm;

  3. How many centimeters is the standard slope of the road in a house? At this time, the carpenter will put some knife-shaped corks or three plywood under the ground dragon to ensure the level of the ground dragon. Don't forget to raise it by 2.5 cm at this time. In the middle of the above-ground dragons, be sure to add short ground dragons to fix each other to prevent the ground dragon from shaking up and down, so as to ensure that the ground dragon is flat and firm;

  4. When the equipment is punched by anti-slip decking, the diameter must be smaller than that of the floor nails, so that the floor will eat the nails;

  5. Floor compression joints above 1 cm are embedded in the walls to prevent the scenery from changing or the water content of the floor does not meet the rising and arching.

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