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Problems and solutions of wpc decking


  The use of wpc decking is becoming more and more common now, so what problems should we pay attention to when using it, let's follow the editor of macrotech to find out.

  First of all, the moisture content in the wood-plastic material is too high, and the wood-plastic material often has a porosity of 16-21%, which makes it easy to break and easily damaged by microbial contamination. The solution is to control and reduce the water content in the wood-plastic fiber composition as much as possible without exceeding the temperature and speed necessary for production and manufacturing.

Problems and solutions of wpc decking

  Secondly, the amount of antioxidants is too low, which makes the wood-plastic board easy to be oxidized and the surface layer is easy to fall off. "The solution is simple: add the right amount of antioxidants to the wood-plastic material," he said. "The right amount of oxidant refers to the critical reading value induced by the oxidation of the wood-plastic product, which is detected by a differential thermal scanner."

  Then, the hidden danger is the shrinkage of the wood-plastic material after it is manufactured, which is the biggest trouble in the rapid cooling process, especially on the hollow board. Simple solutions include allowing sufficient time for the wood-plastic panels to sit, cool, and shrink in the production workshop; do not producing wood-plastic panels at high speeds when not necessary.

  Finally, product fading due to over-sanding and under-pigmentation. Manufacturers can counter this by reducing sanding and, in addition, can identify and add the necessary amount of inorganic pigments such as iron oxides.

  Finally, the smooth surface of many wood-plastic panels is the most dangerous problem. In wet conditions, wood-plastic boards are slippery and slippery even in dry conditions. Manufacturers can help avoid this problem by printing textures on the surface of the sheet, changing the plastic content to increase traction, using coatings from specialist companies, etc.

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