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How should wood Decking be accepted after installation?


  After ordering Wood Decking, many customers arrange their own staff for laying, while some customers require us to provide laying service. Generally, there are no problems with laying by our wood Decking factory staff. In many cases, layering by non-professionals can lead to problems of one kind or another. Let's talk about the acceptance of wood Decking's layering.

  Before laying wood Decking, we first need to check whether the model and color of wood Decking boxes we ordered are consistent. In addition, we are checking whether these wood Deckings are in one batch. If possible, try to select one batch of wood Decking for laying, so that the possibility of color difference will be greatly reduced. In addition, check whether there is any defect in each piece of wood Decking during laying. If there is any defect, put it aside and return it to the manufacturer at last.

How should wood Decking be accepted after installation?

  In the laying process of Wood Decking, how the keel is laid and how the gaps between the wood Decking are set are all required, and we do not take it for granted. Another situation we rarely encounter is that after wood Decking has been used for a period of time, Why can it be found that there are cavities on its surface, when it is clear that such a problem was not found at the beginning of laying? In fact, this is often the result of wood Decking laid on the keel of the moth caused. So not only do we check our wood Decking when we lay it, but we also check the accessories.

  After the wood Decking was laid, we had to check it, and it wasn't hard to check it, just walk around on it, listen with your ears, feel with your body, and see if there was anything unusual. Encounter the place where there is abnormal sound we label mark centralized processing.

  Each product is printed with macrotech quality assurance logo, is for your peace of mind and make a commitment.

  1) We will provide you with professional use and installation advice, so that each piece of product to the maximum advantage; 2) We will provide you with "lifelong" quality service, only for each piece of quality work;

  3) Trade-in service, one to three

  4) Each plate is in line with the national environmental protection standards, so that the whole family rest assured, people rest assured.

  I hope the above introduction can help you. If you have purchase requirements in this respect, you are welcome to call Macrotech at any time.

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