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What factors affect WPC Decking prices?


  It is mentioned that WPC Decking plays a very important role in our home decoration life, because it has the dual characteristics of energy saving and environmental protection, low carbon and no pollution, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, moisture resistance and fire prevention, and better serves our needs of public home decoration life. As for the WPC decking price, macrotech will introduce the factors influencing the price in detail.

  First, different materials

  The quality of the WPC Decking is a major factor in determining its price. Even wood flooring, so different wood quality characteristics are also different. In terms of quality, hardwood flooring has different properties such as hardness and wear resistance, so the price of WPC Decking also varies greatly.

What factors affect WPC Decking prices?

  Two, different brands

  For the same material of plastic wood flooring products produced by different enterprises, due to the obvious difference in brand price, the price of big brands is much higher than small brands. This is because the quality of big brands is more guaranteed and the service performance is better. Because these large enterprises often have very high standards in technology, equipment, personnel, quality of service and many other aspects, so the overall performance is much better than common wood floor brand.

  The gap between the import price of WPC DECking industry and the domestic price is that the price of Chinese brand plastic wood flooring tends to occupy the middle and lower market of China, while high-end products are more occupied by foreign brands in the domestic industry, which is also the performance of domestic enterprises in technology, equipment, management and service.

  Three. Factors affecting consumption level in different cities

  As different regions have different levels of economic development, consumption power is also very different. Their income is high, so their consumption level is high. However, influenced by economic pressure, a few small towns have strong consumption power, and there are obvious regional differences in WPC Decking prices.

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