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The most detailed installation tutorial for Composite Decking is here!


  Composite Decking is an environmentally friendly material based on lignan and plastic. It is suitable to lay composite decking in lawns, gardens, balconies and other places. Today, macrotech professionals will talk to you about the installation process of composite Decking.

  The installation of composite Decking is slightly different from that of solid wood flooring, so it cannot be treated directly in accordance with the paving method of solid wood flooring. How do you install composite Decking?

  A, drilling holes

  Wood plastic material density is quite large, when fixing the keel, it is necessary to use drill hole first, and then drill screw, otherwise, because of the vibration of direct drilling screw, easy to cause wood plastic keel cracking.

The most detailed installation tutorial for Composite Decking is here!

  Two, fixed keel

  When fixing keel, make sure working face level off certainly, do not have pit, uneven, the spacing of keel had better choose to be controlled in 30 centimeters, too wide keel spacing causes the depression of the floor easily to be out of shape. (Keels are a form supporting, structural stabilizing material that is common in home decoration, often used as the skeleton and base for suspended ceilings and wood floors.)

  Three, size

  When laying composite decking, especially when using composite decking in large area, it is required that the length of the floor should not be too long. Generally, the floor with a fixed length of 3 meters is selected. The longer the floor is, the more obvious the thermal expansion and cold contraction will be, which will easily cause the damage of the floor.

  Four, installation,

  Install composite decking, especially transverse joints between floor and floor, and at the end of the floor and the steps of the joint, be sure to set aside expansion joints, especially in the winter when installation, the floor is in cold condition, expansion joints to reserve a relatively larger, when summer comes, the expansion of the floor can be, if the expansion joint is too small, Can cause the floor to arch.

  Five, matters needing attention

  Composite decking is prone to bulge in the installation process, mainly because of cracking of the base. As the foundation of the installation system, the detection and treatment of the base are particularly important. The base must be firm, dry, clean and smooth, and only when the base is well handled can it lay a good foundation for high-quality projects. The base strength shall be above C20, and the flatness shall be less than 2M/4mm. Moisture content tester detects that the water content of the base is less than 3%.

  Composite decking can only be installed and laid if the above criteria are met. So that's how to install Composite Decking. Did you get it? If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us.

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